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Michael's Track Record of Sales

 Track Record


Sales and Listings Completed around Durham, Lee, Madbury, Dover, Newmarket, and Portsmouth.


by Michael Allen


19-21 Mechanic Street             Four Unit

89 Mill Road                           Residence/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom

12 Littlehale                                      Residence/4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

22 Coe Drive                           Condex/3 bedroom, 3 bathroom

24 Meadow                             Residence/3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

6 Radford                                Residence/4 bedroom, 4 bathroom

4 Ambler Way                         Residence/4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

29 Mill Pond Road                            Residence/3 bedroom, 3 bathroom

83 Mill Road                           Residence/4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

19-21 Belknap                         Two Unit

82 Garrity Road                      Residence/2 bedroom, 1 bathroom

38 Edgewood Road                 Condex/3 bedroom, 3 bathroom

17 Edgewood                          Condex/3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

19 Edgewood                          Condex/3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

191 Mast Road                        Resdience/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom

191 Durham Point Road                   Residence/3 bedroom, 3 bathroom

285 Wadleigh Falls                  Residence/5 bedroom, 3 bathroom

38 Durham Point Road              Two Houses on one lot/5 bedroom, 4 bathroom

15-17 Mechanic Street               Two Unit

83 Garrity Road                      Residence/4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, in-law

15 Duff Thompson Lane                   Condo/2 bedroom, 2 bathroom

129 High Road                        Residence/3 bedroom, 3 bathroom

154 Wednesday Hill Road       Residence/4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

36 Oyster River Road             Residence/5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, in-law

10 Love Lane                           Residence/4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

12 Sacket Road                       Residence/3 bedroom, 3 bathroom

48 Pinkham                                       Residence/5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, in-law

13 Mill Road                           Condo/2 bedroom, 1 bathroom

23 Jenkins Road                      Residence/3 bedroom, 3 bathroom

85 Tuttle Road                        Residence/3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

289 North River Road             Residence/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom

4 Ambler Way                         Residence/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom

10-12 Nichols Ave                  Four Unit

2 Ray Drive                             Residence/3 bedroom, 1 bathroom

4 Winter Ave                 Four Unit

574 Silver Street            Residence/3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

709 Portland Street        Residence/2 bedroom, 1 bathroom

9-11 Mechanic Street     Four Unit

48 Fourth Street            Four Unit

38-40 New York Street  Ten Unit

22 Coe Drive                 Condo/3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

9 Foxtail Ridge Road     Residence/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom

54 Rogers Street            Residence/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom

39 Mill Pond Road                  Residence/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom

263 Rochester Hill Road         Residence/5 bedroom, 3 bathroom

12 Sullivan Falls Road  Residence/5 bedroom, 4 bathroom

79 Hayes Road              Residence/4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

32 Grant Road               Residence/5 bedroom, 3 bathroom

46 Woodridge Road       Residence/4 bedroom, 3 bathroom

88 Cocheco Street                   Residence/3 bedroom, 1 bathroom

40 Old Concord T/Pike  Residence/4 bedroom, 2 bathroom



Whether these are in the area of your proposed sale or the same type of real estate that you own, large amounts of similar sales show that my systems are in place to achieve my client’s success!



Let me add you to my list of successful sales.  I look forward to working with you!


Allen Family Real Estate LLC


Michael Allen



13 Jenkins Court, Office 210

Durham, NH 03824


From Our Clients

Thanks for being our real estate agent in Durham NH. You are by far the best agent that we have ever had the privilege to work with. Thank you for listening, for your honesty, and going above and beyond the call of duty. Unlike other real estate agents who are mainly interested in the sale, you are interested in what is best for your client.

Buying and selling a house is more than just the property. Its about helping families like ours find a place that they can truly call home. We would recommend you to everyone and anyone!!

Therese and Jarda, Durham NH