Allen Family Real Estate

My Team of Service Providers

We know how important buying or selling a home is to our clients, and therefore we want it to be as stress free, and enjoyable as possible. Throughout the past six years I have used numerous proffesionals in multiple fields to help my clients attain their financial goals, and dreams. Some of these proffesionals have under preformed, while others have added tremendous value to my clients. It is these proffesionals that bring the most value to my clients that I have allied with to bring you the best services in the Seacoast. My Team of Service Providers have worked with many of my past clients, and are the people I use when buying or selling my own real estate.


OmniSpect Home Inspections

OmniSpect Home Inspections has preformed over twenty Inspections for me and my clients. They bring a diverse resume to every home inspection, and are always willing to take the time to explain how the working systems of a house function. By working in teams they provide efficeint and capable service. Thier mobile computer systems allow them to offer a printed home inspection report with full color photos, detailing any issues with your possible purchase, at the conclusion of every Home Inspection. Please check out their website for some great resources.


Thomas Family Mortgage

Thomas Family Mortgage bases its business model on the same pricipals that I have build Allen Family Real Estate around. They offer amazing customer service, and place the client before all else. They have extensive knowledge of the Mortgage Industry, and also the Seacoast area. Their ability to go above and beyond the normal service of other local mortgage companies is the reason I choose Thomas Family Mortgage to close my last purchase and that of my parents. I stand behind them 100%.

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