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MIRANDA PATTI - Real Estate Agent


After growing up on the Seacoast, I spent my early 20’s living in different cities across the country, only to return to this wonderful area to finally settle down with my husband in Hampton, NH. After experiencing life outside the Seacoast, I can honestly say this is one of the best places in the world to live, work, and play. 

I have a background in early childhood education, and have taught preschool for over 8 years. Working closely with families over the past decade, I know the importance of home to the family unit. When you’re in the home you love, it makes everything in life just a little bit sweeter. I’m passionate about helping people find the perfect fit for them and their family. 

As a real estate investor and landlord in the local community since 2014, if investing in multi-family homes is your passion, I can help with that too! I love the challenge of finding an investment property that meets your business goals. Whatever your goals may be, business or personal, I will make it my priority to help you meet them with professionalism and a smile.

Call me at 1-619-302-9228 or email at

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